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The Modern Mystery School Documentary Series Trailer. Look inside the Modern Mystery School to see the hearts of the students, their experiences, their stories, and why they do this work.


"So many people in the world, with so many problems… Those brave enough to embark on the journey of solving these problems will ultimately reach a threshold of understanding and require a path to greater knowledge.


The Path to Know Thyself. All of our problems lead to a universal solution. Until you decide you are the creator of your own life, you can’t change anything, all your problems stay the same.


The Modern Mystery School is a community of spiritual catalysts who are trying to answer the question, can I change?

Can we, as humanity change?

Can we solve our problems?

Can we create a better life for ourselves and the world? Is peace possible?


Join us on our quest to discover and see if they can. This is a series about the hearts of people who sought a different way. Because It is time for something real.


So that you can remember what you are that you are Light.

You are Divine. You are magick. And magick is real. It’s living right there inside of you.

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