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Workplace Meditation classes

Take a moment from your day, disengage from your schedule and imagine. 


Imagine yourself on a beach by the sea. Waves gently caress the shoreline and the sun warms your skin. All you hear is the soft, calming sound of water lapping against the sand. 

The stillness of the sea and the stillness of the air reflects the presence of stillness that holds you. You are embraced by the warm, soothing stillness of the now. Your body relaxes in the soft, warm sand. This time is just for you. 


The worries of your to-do list and the ongoing bustle of the city can’t reach you here. 


You sink deeper into the loving embrace of mother earth. There is no tension… No stress… No anxiety… No goal to be achieved. No deadline to be met. No need to do anything other than be.

With open arms, a soft belly and a joyful heart you feel peacefully present and at one with yourself. With every cell in your body. With the space within you. 

This space is a place to reconnect with yourself - with your true essence. It is a place to restore your faith, your love, your energy and your light. It is your space, and you are free to access it at any time, from anywhere. 


Welcome to the space where you will find your bliss within… 

Image by Form - Meditation Pose

Meditation & Yoga

Achieving the perfect yoga pose is not the goal. Becoming flexible or standing on your head is also not the goal.

So…What is it?


Yoga is about being present mind, body and soul. It is about making peace with who you are, as you are, in the here and now.

Through an appreciation of the body and an awareness of the mind, yoga is about releasing stuck-ness and unveiling the layers of protection formed around the heart. Yoga is not about a destination, but rather about the beauty in the present moment.

When we open up to this journey

we open up to truly enjoying the sweetness of life.



Breath Work 

Cobra Pose - Corporate Yoga London

Yoga the connecter between the mind and body. The benefits of regular yoga practice can be experienced in all aspects of life, far beyond the yoga class. Yin, Vinyasa and Yoga Nidra, when woven together, provide your body with just what it needs - leaving you feeling aligned and rejuvenated.

Image by Form - Meditation Pose London

Meditation is a simple practice that is available and accessible to all. Practicing meditation and stillness is known to reduce stress and promote feelings of peacefulness and clarity. Meditation is a powerful tool that, once learnt, can be used at any moment to quickly re-establish your connection to present moment and to the Source.

Image by Darius Bashar - Meditation and Yoga breathing

Breath work helps bring you back to the

here and now. By focusing your awareness

on your breath, you can regain control and vanquish stress and anxiety.  The ability to focus and realign can have all kinds of benefits - from personal to professional -

and can even help you nail that

presentation at work.

 Meditation & Yoga Classes in London

Corporate Meditation & Yoga Team in London

Find Bliss Within’s corporate yoga and meditation lessons in London offer a wonderful way to transform the workplace from a space of stress to one of mental, physical, and spiritual calm.


Our London corporate sessions provide employees with a chance to relax, regroup, and realign themselves in the midst of the bustle of everyday life. Corporate yoga is also a superb team-building exercise, allowing workers to share the experience of achieving inner calm.

Corporate Yoga pose - Portrait of attractive white collar work

Corporate Yoga & Meditation Classes

Find Bliss Within offers a wide range of meditation and yoga classes in London. Are you absolute beginner? No problem, we are here to guide you every step on the way. We offer these London classes as private, group or corporate options. Meditation and Yoga classes are the best way to develop inner peace and release stress of daily life. Deepen connection to your body's wisdom; welcome balance and harmony, achieve the goals you’ve set yourself for this year. 


If you’re looking to get away from the city, our Transformational Retreats in 2020 are the perfect fit for you. We run a number of luxurious yoga and meditation retreats on which you can fully relax, get in touch with yourself and develop your well-being practice. 

Raise Productivity through Trikonasana

The modern workplace is characterised by tight deadlines, heavy workloads, and long working hours. Even the most relaxed working environments can be stressful, and stressed employees are unproductive.


Our corporate yoga and meditation sessions provide London businesses with a constructive, healthy and relaxing way to banish stress from the office. Watch productivity rise as corporate stress levels descend. 

Even if you’re a freelancer, working from home, regular yoga and meditation practice can have an amazing impact on your productivity.

Our 1-2-1 classes are the ideal way to boost your peace of mind an deepen your focus. 

In the midst of stillness creativity flows.

Yoga Practice - Corporate yoga class london


"Good morning Kasia, I truly have never experienced the feelings I got from your meditation last night, you certainly have that something special that you shared with us, so very thankful for that and what an amazing sleep Dave and I had. Thank you. Beautiful blessings for your day."

-Trag Henlen Coates

"Kasia is an outstandingly dedicated yoga, health and wellness professional who combines a combination of ancient spiritual practices and modern-day therapeutic techniques."

-James Scrymgeour


​"Life recently was challenging for me.... Friend of mine invite me to join him on the Transformational Retreat in Bali and I said yes.
I did not know what to expect but Kasia showed me how to find myself. My favorite part was evening Meditation and Workshops. I never in my life expired that deep state of meditation. I am so grateful to Kasia for holding Beautiful space for us and creating loving atmosphere for us to bond and journey together. I will go again !!! Many thanks.

-Piotr Orzol

Corporate yoga and meditation testimonals - what our custoers think

Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions

Mudra Meditation - Perfect fo a corporate yoga class

Success in the modern world requires modern approaches, modern solutions, and modern thinking. Mindfulness and meditation are recognised as being effective ways of reducing stress and anxiety, and can lead to new and innovative approaches to old problems. 

Find Bliss Within offers mindfulness and meditation classes at all levels, for all needs. We provide private, group and corporate options, so you can always take a moment to yourself in your busy schedule. We also combine our London mindfulness and meditation sessions with yoga, allowing you to get a great range of practice into a shorter time. 

Our mindfulness and meditation sessions in London are a great way to relax and reinvigorate yourself, and provide the perfect opportunity for fresh ideas to develop. 

Corporate Yoga & Meditation Retreats

If you’re looking for a team-building retreat for your workplace, look no further than Find Bliss Within’s corporate retreat. Our corporate yoga & meditation retreat offers your coworkers a relaxing and revitalising break in which they can focus on rebalancing themselves and restrengthening their relationships. Shared mindfulness workshops practice and a shared experience provide the perfect foundation for stronger teamwork and a more cohesive workplace environment. 


Join us for a luxurious and luscious week building your team! 

Corporate yoga and meditation retreat
Corporate meditation and Yoga teacher Kasia

Kasia the founder of Find Bliss Within is a qualified corporate Meditation & Yoga teacher London.

Corporate Meditation, Yoga and Mindfulness pricing

One-off Events 

Monthly Group Meditation & Yoga Sessions 

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