Take a moment from your day, disengage from your schedule and imagine. 


Imagine yourself on a beach by the sea. Waves gently caress the shoreline and the sun warms your skin. All you hear is the soft, calming sound of water lapping against the sand. 

The stillness of the sea and the stillness of the air reflects the presence of stillness that holds you. You are embraced by the warm, soothing stillness of the now. Your body relaxes in the soft, warm sand. This time is just for you. 


The worries of your to-do list and the ongoing bustle of the city can’t reach you here. 


You sink deeper into the loving embrace of mother earth. There is no tension… No stress… No anxiety… No goal to be achieved. No deadline to be met. No need to do anything other than be.

With open arms, a soft belly and a joyful heart you feel peacefully present and at one with yourself. With every cell in your body. With the space within you. 

This space is a place to reconnect with yourself - with your true essence. It is a place to restore your faith, your love, your energy and your light. It is your space, and you are free to access it at any time, from anywhere. 


Welcome to the space where you will find your bliss within… 

Corporate Yoga

Find Bliss Within’s corporate yoga lessons in London offer a wonderful way to transform the workplace from a space of stress to one of mental, physical and spiritual calm. Corporate yoga sessions provide employees with a chance to relax, regroup and realign themselves in the midst of the bustle of everyday life.


Corporate yoga is also a superb team-building exercise, allowing workers to share the experience of achieving inner calm.

Raise Productivity through Downward Dog

The modern workplace is characterised by tight deadlines, heavy workloads and long working hours. Even the most relaxed working environments can be stressful, and stressed employees are unproductive. Our corporate yoga sessions provide London businesses with a constructive, healthy and relaxing way to banish stress from the office. Watch productivity rise as corporate stress levels descend.

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"Truly blissful!" I have been lucky enough to experience Kasia's blissful meditation sessions. Her calm voice and soothing tone take you right to that place where inner peace and healing happens. Thank you Kasia, for all your wonderful work with women and for empowering the divine feminine within us ❤️

-Fiona Roberts

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Meditation is a simple practice that is available and accessible to all. Practicing meditation and stillness is known to reduce stress and promote feelings of peacefulness and clarity.


Meditation is a powerful tool that, once learnt, can be used at any moment to quickly re-establish your connection to present moment and to the Source.

Mindfulness and Meditation at Work 

Success in the modern world requires modern approaches, modern solutions, and modern thinking. Mindfulness and meditation are recognised as being effective ways of reducing stress and anxiety and can lead to new and innovative approaches to old problems.


Our corporate yoga lessons in London are a great way to relax and reinvigorate the workplace, and provide an opportunity for fresh ideas to develop.

Corporate Yoga Retreats

If you’re looking for a team-building retreat for your workplace, look no further than Find Bliss Within’s corporate yoga retreat. Our corporate yoga retreat offers your coworkers a relaxing and revitalising break in which they can focus on rebalancing themselves and restrengthening their relationships. Shared yoga practice and a shared experience provide the perfect foundation for stronger teamwork and a more cohesive workplace environment. 


Join us for a luxurious and luscious week building your team! 

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