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"Thank you for the amazing weekend! (Empower Thyself) These 2 days changed my life, I am so grateful we met and now I finally feel I have the tools and a deeper understanding of self to better my life! Thank You.

Ana - Administrator 

"I was heartbroken and very emotional, it was hard to focus on anything. Life activation and Isis Healing help me return to my balanced self. I look forward to attending the Empower Thyself Class and learning more about how to look after myself daily! Thank you, Kasia" 

Ewa Kola

"Thank you, Kasia! I enjoyed the classes yesterday (Sacred geometry and Astral travel) I created a sacred space at home last night. My wife enjoyed the calmness and harmonized energy and for the first time, our little son slept throughout the night! Wow. This is huge for us, as we were not able to rest well for the last year and a half.  We all had a very good rest for the first time since he was born. Thank you for sharing those tools with us."

Lukas Szymonski

"Kasia, it was such a pleasure to meet you - thank you again for such a magical healing experience. (life Activation & Cord Cutting)

I experienced a real uplift in spirit and a much-needed release of inner turmoil. It was truly a warm, enveloping feeling of knowing my energy was back and mine… I needed it and am so thankful to my guides for bringing me to you". 

Simone Misquitta

"After Life Activation and Full Spirit Activation I feel great 👍🏻 I've had a huge energy shift and I feel a deeper connection with my intuition. Now 3 days not smoking 🚭

Aaron Lings 

"Feeling amazing after receiving the life activation! Life just lit up even more, thank you Kasia for this amazing session."

Tanmaya George

Seeing Kasia is the best decision I have made this year, I have had a couple of sessions with her and now truly believe I am on the right path to my inner peace. She helped me find the answers I had been seeking for a very long time. 

Gintare Stankeviciute

Kasia offers you a deeply relaxing experience and takes you deeper into the meditation realm with her soft soothing voice and gentle energy. This is no normal average meditation guidance. Even the most busy inner chatter and stress for calm and inner peace.

Charlotte Palmer

Kasia showed me how to find myself!

Piotr Orzol​

I've been attending a Meditation class with Kasia since March 2018.
The feeling I get during and after each meditation session is one of pure relaxed bliss, peace of mind, and joy. The indescribable feeling of serenity, feeling of relaxation, peace of mind, and joyfulness, both physically mentally, and emotionally, a feeling of being recharged.

Erbay Kemal

When I met Kasia I knew she was the person I was looking for ...
During the Class, I experienced a beautiful opening of my awareness and experienced expansion of my relationship with myself.
I started to enjoy my life more and more each day. The healing sessions keep supporting me on my spiritual path...

Alexandra Sokolowska

Each time I see Kasia she continues to show her deep passion and wide experience of meditation and anything around self-development. Very much recommended.

Lewis Smith

Highly recommend Kasia - recently attended her drop-in sessions with Positive Tools 4 Life in Walthamstow and found the whole experience relaxing - leaving me rejuvenated. Her voice is so calming allowing you to follow her guided meditation at ease.

Tracey Sambrook

Kasia is a great teacher!

Rosa Esteves

"Kasia is an outstandingly dedicated health and wellness professional who combines a combination of ancient spiritual practices and modern-day therapeutic techniques."

-James Scrymgeour

"After sessions with Kasia, I come away feeling empowered and at peace."

Bartek Galant

"I gained so much from your meditation. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance. I can practice this daily and it has been a tremendous help with my sleep routine. Highly Recommend "

Siobhan Cole

"Truly blissful!" I have been lucky enough to experience Kasia's meditation and healing sessions. Her calm voice and soothing tone take you right to that place where inner peace and healing happen."

Fiona Macnaughton-Jones 

"Kasia creates a nurturing, supportive, and relaxing environment during her classes."

Flaminia Fiano

"I have attended Kasia’s meditation session I find such a profound sense of relaxation and connection. She leads you effortlessly into yourself and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Sally Jane Lawrence

"It  has been an incredibly healing experience."

Mel Basu

"Thank you for creating such a calm, safe, and joyful space, where I was able to start my journey of self-realization and healing." 

Rhian A Jones 

"Kasia!!! Thank you for your blissful delivery in the meditation class I attended. I appreciated your calm and considerate approach. If you are considering a class with this woman, she is fab. I learned some new practices which I now use in my everyday practice. Thank youuuu! "

Hannilee Fish 

"Kasia I would like to thank you for all the support that you gave me."

Ela Szymianiec

"I enjoyed all the sessions with you, but yesterday's Fire Soul Infusion healing session shifted something deep inside of me. It was so powerful! I feel more alive and excited about life.  What a shift! Thank you"

Łucja Paulińska

"My recent meditation session with Kasia was my first - it was soothing, allowing your body and mind to relax, switch off, and be able to put your day-to-day thoughts along with life stresses away.  I was expecting to be tempted to fidget or move to get more comfortable but not at all, my mind and body just listened, relaxed, and enjoyed  - coming away feeling very good."

Sandra, Redbridge

"I really enjoyed the meditation session and found it so relaxing that when I went to sleep last night I slept right through the thunderstorm. This is very good for me as I am a very bad sleeper. Felt so much better today. Thank you, Kasia" 

Jo Lloyd 

"Good morning Kasia, I truly have never experienced the feelings I got from your meditation last night, you certainly have something special that you shared with us, so very thankful for that and what an amazing sleep Dave and I had. Thank you. Beautiful blessings for your day."

Trag Henlen Coates

"Yesterday's meditation was really good, my journey lasted for around an hour and it was the deepest state I ever went to."

Marcin Krajnik 

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