"Feeling amazing after receiving the life activation! Life just lit up even more, thank you Kasia Mikolajczyk for this amazing session."

Tanmaya George

"I ve been attending Kasia's meditation classes for some time and can't recommend her highly enough. She is skillfully guiding us through an amazing very relaxing and blissful meditation experience with a gentle, smooth voice. I always come away feeling empowered and fully relax in my body, mind and spirit".

Bartek Galant

"I gained so much from your meditation. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance . I am able to practice this on a daily basis and it has been a tremendous help with my sleep routine .
Highly Recommend "

Siobhan Cole

"Truly blissful!" I have been lucky enough to experience Kasia's blissful meditation sessions. Her calm voice and soothing tone take you right to that place where inner peace and healing happens. Thank you Kasia, for all your wonderful work with women and for empowering the divine feminine within us."

Fiona Macnaughton-Jones 

"Kasia creates a nurturing, supportive and relaxing environment during her classes. She really embraces what she teaches,and inspires all participants to celebrate womanhood in all its expressions."

Flaminia Fiano

"I have attended both Kasia’s meditation sessions and the Circle meetings and I find such a profound sense of relaxation, connection and bliss after her sessions. She leads you effortlessly into yourself and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Sally Jane Lawrence

"Being part of the space Kasia creates has been an incredibly healing experience. It’s hard to describe it but it’s a safe space to just be, it’s gentle and subtle, you connect with others on such a deeper level than the every day and often without words. There I found acceptance to show up in whatever state was real for me in the moment and I always left feeling better. It’s the perfect antidote for anyone who needs to reconnect with themselves and others."

Mel Basu

"Thank you for creating such a calm, safe and joyful space, where I was able to start my journey of self realisation and healing. Such knowledgeable guidance and fantastic meditation experiences, I will defiantly be joining another of your circles." 

Rhian A Jones 

"Sharing circle with Kasia has been a wonderful blessing in my life. She leads so beautifully and has such a calming energy. I came to women’s circle in search of some external force to heal my pain around my cycle and femininity. In the very first circle I learnt that I too had special powers and healing energy which I could offer my sisters. I felt a part of something special and sacred and although there may have been some insecurities and resistance in the beginning, sharing in this way with other women felt like Home. Going on to my 4th Cycle I am loving Circle and feel the healing benefits and growth blossoming in all aspects of my life." 

Natali Shaked

"Kasia!!! Thank you for your blissful delivery in the meditation class I attended. I appreciated your calm and considered approach. If you are considering a class with this woman, she is fab. I learnt some new practices which I now use in my everyday practice. Thank youuuu! "

Hannilee Fish 

"Kasia I would like to thank you for all the support that you gave me. It was so amazing to feel held, heard and understood .
I'm sure that any person who will decide to join your retreat will enjoy it and will want to go back. I love that all you do have your full heart and soul. I love to you beautiful sister."

Ela Szymianiec

"Beautiful Kasia I wanted thank you from my heart for safe sacred space you created for us. It is amazing to start my journey connecting with my divine feminine. I am honoured to be part of your women circle. I cant wait till next Sunday. Have a great day Sister.."

Łucja Paulińska

''As a woman joining the women’s circle is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It made me remember what self-love is and made me enable to share that love with others in a more meaningful way. It is a safe and welcoming space where you can just be yourself.. where you can just embrace how you feel.. where you will always want to go back to...

Thank you Kasia for holding such a beautiful space for us!''

Aslihan Ozbey

"My recent meditation session with Kasia was my first - it was soothing, allowing your body and mind to relax, switch off and be able to put your day to day thoughts along with life stresses neatly in a box while you envelope the experience.  I was expecting to be tempted to fidget or move to get more comfortable but not at all , my mind and body just listened, relaxed and enjoyed  - coming away feeling very good."

Sandra, Redbridge

"I really enjoyed the meditation session and found it so relaxing that when I went to sleep last night I slept right through the thunderstorm. This is very good for me as I am a very bad sleeper. Felt so much better today. Thank you Kasia" 

Jo Lloyd 

"Good morning Kasia, I truly have never experienced the feelings I got from your meditation last night, you certainly have that something special that you shared with us, so very thankful for that and what an amazing sleep Dave and I had. Thank you. Beautiful blessings for your day."

Trag Henlen Coates

"Yesterdays meditation was really good, my journey lasted for around an hour and it was deepest state I ever went to."

Marcin Krajnik