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Energy Healing Sessions in London

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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Problems

Over 3000 years ago, King Solomon gathered Healers, Warriors, Shamans, and Medicine People from around the world. His life mission was to create a path of progression for humanity so we can reach our full potential and create Peace on Earth. The range of ancient approaches in our energy healing sessions addresses the modern problems in our lives.  Scroll down to view the range of energy healing and activation sessions that we offer, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to discuss your needs further.

Explore various energy healing sessions.

Embark on a journey of healing and growth within the ancient mystery tradition through activation, healing and cleansing sessions, and start your evolution.


No matter where you are in life, whether you feel happy or sad, thriving or depressed, have great physical health or struggling with disease, there are sessions that can support you on your healing journey and your progression to your greatest potential within you. 


We are so much more than this physical body and the ancient tradition healing starts from within. Are you ready to heal and progress?


Are you ready to step into your greatness?

sage candle with amethyst and twinkle light key part of an energy healing session

Healing Sessions

What is activation? 

Whilst healing sessions seek to repair and restore you to your true self, activation sessions are designed to bring dormant aspects of your being forward. We are all like crystals, with countless unique facets combining to make the individual whole. Activations focus on particular facets which are needed for a specific challenge, and make them more dominant. Whilst gentle, activations are a very powerful tool and are essential for spiritual progression. They allow us to become more aware of our true self, and empower us to fully use our gifts and abilities. 

The energy which activation sessions bring out in you is extremely healing and can have multiple positive effects. For this reason, it is worth engaging in an activation session before undertaking any other healing sessions. 

Life Activation 
£250 (two hours session)

Life activation is the first step in your journey to live a more fulfilled and balanced life. The session uses ancient shamanic practices to access the most fundamental aspects of your being - your DNA - and release old emotional blockages. This allows you to let go of the conditioning you carry from the environment in which you have grown, and enables you to hold more energy in your physical, mental and spiritual self. 

Life activation is a powerful tool, and will give you the opportunity to rebalance and realign your entire system. It also bestows clarity and enlightenment to all areas of your life, and empowers you to fully live in the present.


The life activation session is perfect if you’re preparing yourself for coming challenges, are experiencing a transitional period or are simply keen to make adjustments to yourself. The effects of the session can be felt for up to 3 months after the session, in which time you will blossom in new and astounding ways.

Full Spirit Activation
£225 (two hours session)

This advanced activation session uses ancient Tibetan techniques and was once only available to high initiates of the Tibetan Buddhist lineage. 

Whereas the Life Activation session focuses on amplifying your personal connection with your own higher self, the Full Spirit Activation session goes one step further. The session focuses on your connection with your soul by activating the higher frequencies of your own energy. This allows you to embrace your purpose in life with widened and strengthened physical, mental and spiritual senses. 

The Full Spirit Activation achieves this by awakening the Thalamus region of your brain (known as the ‘old brain’), as well as the Pituitary region and the Pineal Glands. 

With fully unblocked and unlimited channels opened up within yourself, the session allows for: 

  • Higher awareness of the body; 

  • An enhanced nervous system; 

  • A greater connection to life, the people around you and the world as a whole; 

  • A greater sense of being alive, and an enhanced sense of joy; 

  • Greater clarity in life, and an understanding of its purpose; 

  • An elevated relationship with the divine and the infinite source of all energy. 

Isis Healing  
£200 (80min session)

Isis was the Grand Queen of Egypt. She was a powerful high priestess in the Order of Ra, the Sun God and Creator. She used High Magick on an everyday basis and did healing work three days a week for the general public. Her philosophy was to create abundance for the whole society by keeping the people healthy and happy. This proved to be correct!

Isis realized that, while the people ate food, drank water, meditated, and performed other tasks to gather energy, they still were tired and slept for long periods. Isis and her staff of the Temple of Isis slept only three to four hours per day and worked with great vitality. She wondered why there was this difference in abilities, and consulted with the God Osiris, who advised her that Nut, the Great Mother of All Creation, would help her. So Isis went to Nut who gave her this method of realigning the energies back to the brain region to create a happier and more vital being. This method swept over Egypt like a storm and many people came to her for this healing.

Using the energies of Isis, Osiris, Geb, and Nut, this modality will bring forth death and rebirth within your emotional body, making it possible for you to embrace the next step in your evolution of consciousness. 

As a result of this realignment, people often experience: 

  • more available energy

  • more usage of the brain capacity

  • more vitality for everyday life

People are usually left with a definite sensation of energy surging through the physical body. Some feel a significant difference in their mental state and in their ability to perceive the world around them. Often women are reported to look more beautiful!

Fire Soul Infusion 
£200 (90min session)

This activation is for turning on, refining, and harnessing the energies of the physical dimension, and awakening Kundalini safely (Kundalini is your primal life force energy) to flow properly and have an optimal interface with the higher dimensions of life (the world of Spirit, Heaven, etc.).  

Awakening the Fire Soul lays the essential foundation for a true, balanced, and healthy Spiritual Awakening.  This session activates healing in the following areas:

root-level passion





power in the world

dynamics in relationships



Fire Soul Activation generally focuses on one or more of the following areas of life:

dramatically accelerate productivity

accomplish goals more easily

stimulate healing around sexuality, intimacy, and relationships

facilitate healing of financial flows (money in and out)

stabilize personal energies (for individuals who've had spontaneous Kundalini awakenings already)

Recommended once per year for enhancing your creative, productive, awakened life!

Core Will Infusion 
£200 ( 90min session)

This activation is for strengthening and refining your personal will to be in alignment with the Will of God-Goddess-Source. 

This powerful and gentle activation will support you to:

Awaken your innate drive to accomplish your life purpose.

Strengthen your dedication and discipline to push through resistance.

Heal your emotional connections with others (relationships).

Uplift your heart and mind against apathy, victimhood, and depression.

Approach your life in a more empowered way.

See higher possibilities and act on them with less effort.

The will of the higher self always desires good, however, at times we are not always in alignment with that Will. By clearing and cleaning up the etheric structure, you become more balanced between the Will of God, Will of the Universe & Nature, and the Will of Humans. This creates immense clarity of life and purpose and opens up the mind to allow the self to be affected by the true Will of God/Source. This modality enhances the connection with the spiritual self while having more reverence for the experience of Life.

Recommended once per year for enhancing your creative, productive, awakened life!

Egyptian Aura Healing 
£180 (90 min session)

The Aura contains 7 layers that make us human and able to function as human beings.  For most people, these layers are often filled with a lot of disorganized junk, memories, attachments, and damage from the past.  This old junk interferes with present time functioning, happiness, intimacy, and success.  We want to cleanse these layers of the aura so we have an optimal experience of life and can create what we desire in alignment with the Will of God-Goddess-Source (whatever name you like to call that Source).

In this ceremony, the Egyptian archetypal essences support you to structure the layers of your Aura to create the right internal environment for specific success in any chosen area of your life!

During this healing, each layer of the aura is worked on one at a time, and re-organized with sacred geometry and the assistance of a particular God/Goddess (archetype) which supports the function of that layer.

Your energy field is literally re-shaped to contain the new reality of your choosing.

This is an incredible technique for aligning the body, mind, and soul to create what you truly desire.

Aura Healing
£130 (one hour session)

Aura healing provides careful and conscious repair to the energetic structure of your aura through scanning and sealing. Our auras form our first line of defense. They provide us with protection from harmful energies around us, but can be damaged through unhealthy living, drugs or alcohol, and mental, emotional or physical trauma. 

When our auras are damaged we are more sensitive to the energies around us. We become overly affected by the energies of others, are more vulnerable and suffer a general loss of energy levels. 

In the session your aura will be scanned for damages and openings, which will then be sealed. As a result you’ll find it easier to sustain your energy levels and to set healthier boundaries where needed in your life. 

Shamanic Aura Clearing
£180 (one hour session)

Shamanic aura clearing builds on the same approaches as aura healing, but takes specific shamanic approaches for a much more nuanced result. 


By gently clearing your aura of unwanted energy and blockages, this session leaves you feeling revitalised and cleansed. The power to perform this session comes from the natural energies of the Sutra of the Heart, which have been used by skilled shamans for generations. It is a great session to do in conjunction with an aura healing session, but is just as effective by itself. It is a wonderful option when you feel overly emotional, or when there is an unsettling energetic presence in your structure. 

Archangel Micheal Healing Inner Stellar Light Tube  
£200 (90min session)

This modality activates the Buddhic Body, which is deeply connected to the 7 chakras. By opening up the chakras fully, enlightenment can be attained for a brief moment, and that second of clarity will last you a lifetime. Having this activation you are now ready to move into Archangel Michael’s Interstellar Light Tube.

This interstellar experience allows you to access the origin of creational energy. Archangel Michael is the master architect of the labyrinth of the soul, and by entering his Light Tube, you will be commencing a process of re-creation into the highest form for yourself.

Soul Retrieval 
£250 (two hour session)

Our souls are susceptible to damage - and even loss - when subjected to serious mental, physical, emotional or spiritual trauma. Ancient healers have been helping with forms of soul fragmentation - what modern psychologists call ‘disassociation’ - for centuries. A damaged or lost soul is a very serious condition, and can have many negative impacts on a person’s life. Good things are no longer recognised or appreciated, and bad things seem to happen at a greater frequency. 


This session uses ancient practices to identify damaged or lost parts of the soul, which are then retrieved. This session is especially helpful for those who went through traumatic experience or currently suffer from depression, apathy and hopelessness.

Soul Retrieval helps participants feel whole and unified once more.

Crystal Healing 
£120 (one hour session)

Crystal healing is an ancient practice that harnesses the innate power of particular crystals to restore balance within the body. Crystals are formed over millions of years and contain within them unique properties which, when placed on the body and combined with sacred chants, can have wonderful healing effects. 


Different types of crystals are placed on different parts of your body depending on your unique needs. The practice can help with physical, emotional and mental issues.The session will leave you feeling empowered and renewed. 

Spark of Life Distance Healing

£150 (one and a half hour session)

This unique modality is one of the most powerful modalities that we have for remote healing.

It has been used by high priests and priestesses to keep their energy high between the times when they were in the temple. The practitioner accesses the original divine spark, the source of life and channels its light to the recipient.


 The session is effective for physical healing and pain management, greater physical stamina and strength, renewed  mental and emotional clarity and increased energy and focus on what matters. 

It rejuvenate and renew your entire being on physical, mental,emotional and spiritual level.

It is helping you regain harmony and passion back into your life.

Spark of Life is a remote healing that connects you with sacred temple energy wherever you are and clears away the debris. It works with En Sofic Ray energy, which brings you back to your original state - opening up the infinite possibilities of healing that we have as spiritual beings.

*This healing can be done only every 6 months. 

Negative Emotional Cord Cutting
£100 (half hour session)

We are connected to everyone in our lives, both past and present, by cords of energy. These cords can sometimes lead to energy being “pulled” from you, leaving you feeling drained, tired and unbalanced. Negative emotional cord cutting uses an ancient Tibetan tool called a ‘Purbha’ to cut the cords that are ‘pulling’ your energy. 

As a result of the session you will be able to start living in the present moment, without losing energy to the past. The influence of people and challenges you’ve faced in the past will be reduced. It is an excellent session if you’re feeling emotionally exhausted, stuck in the past or are struggling dealing with relationship difficulties. 

Soul Retrieval 
£250 (two hour sessioh)

Light has always been a source of power, and humans have always recognised it. Like moths, we are drawn to certain sources of light because we recognise that they are powerful energetic sources. Laser lights are unique for their immense power, their single energetic wavelength and the exacting way in which they can be used. 


Laser lights can have an immediate healing impact on the physical body. They not only bring deep healing, but can help balance all the different layers of the energy field. This session uses the harmonic resonance of specific laser lights - each of which has its own unique features - to provide refined and nuanced healing. Your individual needs will be addressed with a unique combination of laser lights, which will rebalance your energy field, replenish your energy levels and help heal your whole self. 

11th Codon Reading
£150 (90min session)

We are all eternal beings, living out countless lives. Much like we have family, genealogy and lineage in this physical life, we also have them in our spiritual lives. Accessing these allows for a greater understanding of the self, provides empowerment for future decisions and is an essential step on the journey to spiritual wholeness. 


This reading session delves deep into your spiritual, energetic self and finds answers to who you truly are, beyond the physical realm. This is essential information for continuing your spiritual journey, but is also extremely useful for living your physical life. Through this session you will better understand what the purpose of your life is, how best to achieve it and how to progress on your journey. 

This session is ideal when combined with a life activation or full spirit activation.

Chakra Balancing

£100 (one-hour session)

Our bodies are built around chakras, through which energy enters and exits the body. Each of our seven chakras are vital for a balanced, successful, and happy life, and each performs its own unique functions. Sometimes our chakras become misaligned or blocked, and this can lead to emotional, psychological, or physical issues. 


This session realigns chakras and removes any blockages. The session can help remove emotional, physical or mental stress by freeing your spiritual and energetic self. 

Twin Crystal Reading 

£90 (45min session)

This reading uses the same techniques as the crystal healing and reading session, but combines the powers of two complementary crystals to further access your higher self. Because the crystals used and techniques applied are dependent on you and what your aims are, it is essential to approach the session with mindfulness, and a crystal healing session is recommended beforehand. 


The session can provide new and insightful understandings, from a pure and potent source, and is useful when you need to make decisions or understand a particular situation in greater depth. 

Ensofic Ray Reiki TM

The healing is done in three 1hr sessions.

Each session cost is £200 *Packages available 

The Ensofic ray is the highest, brightest, and a most powerful ray of energy and this is what is used in Ensofic Reiki.  It has the qualities of purity, clarity, and focused concentration. This ray has the power to clear and heal negative thoughts and patterns. It is the 1st ray of creation; it is pure, straight to the point, and penetrates right to the core to activate the codes of divinity within you.

In this modality, the breath of God is used to awaken the ‘I am’ presence within you helping you feel more connected to the oneness of all that is. This healing modality is a process of the re-orienting body, soul, and spirit to each other for absolute alignment: first, by destroying imbalanced physical, mental, and emotional patterns that prevent our highest potential; second, by sealing our physical vessels (our bodies) to contain this highest vibration; and third, by harmonizing our structures (mental, emotional, and physical) so that we can create a full LIFE resolved of conflict.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of the Ensofic Reiki:
  • Heightens vibration of the body, allowing you to release lower energies that cause illness

  • Realigns your physical body and soul with your purpose and potential

  • Increases consciousness of spiritual energies helping you to connect to your divine potential

  • Restores internal unity and heals the rift of separation both within and without

  • Gently and powerfully releases old wounds and suffering held within your being

  • Assists you in managing your life with clarity, wisdom and grace


Space Blessing
*Prices vary depending on the size of the space

Space blessing uses a combination of ancient and sacred practices to create a warm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in a space of your choosing. Whether it’s your spa, office, restaurant or private home, you can transform the energy in your space with this session. 


The space blessing ceremonies makes use of a specialised combination of sacred geometry, ancient mantras, clearing and cleansing herbs and various rituals. This session is perfect if you want to change the energy of your space, or if you simply want to make it ‘yours’ by reducing any interference from previous owners. 


Share more details about your space using the button below, and

Kasia will get back to you with a quote.




Find peace and purpose in your body, mind and spirit.

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