What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a holistic practice which focuses on the treatment of the whole person as opposed to just focusing on the symptoms of the mind and body.

Energy healing can activate the body’s self-healing energy system to remove blocks and consequently heal itself.


Albert Einstein stated that “Everything in Life is Vibration”.

Everything, even an inanimate object such as a table has a vibration.

We too, as humans carry and emit vibrations in to the world around us.


Have you ever described someone as having good vibes? We feel we really want to be around those people. Somehow just being around them makes us feel good too.

This is because their vibrational energy is so high that it in turn raises our own vibrational energy. Happy people vibrate at a higher frequency and this is why we say they have “good vibes”. Energy healing can help you to feel happier by raising your vibrational frequency.

Life Activation 

£200 (2 hour session)


Life Activation is the first step in to living a more fulfilled and balanced life.

This ancient Shamanic treatment travels to the core of your DNA and releases old emotional blocks thus helping you to let go of the conditioning of the environment in which you have grown. It enables you to hold more light energy in your physical and energetic body. 

Life Activation gives you an opportunity for your entire system to be re-balanced and aligned .

It brings clarity, enlightenment and empowerment to all areas of your life .

Find your purpose and the peace in your body, mind and spirit.

Crystal Healing & Reading

£100 (one hour session)


​Crystal healing harnesses the power of crystals to create abundance and well-being in your life. Whether you struggle with mental health issues or addictions and are seeking emotional support, or you suffer from internal,

physical problems and your libido has gone missing,

Crystal healing can shed light on all issues of the mind, body and soul and leave you feeling empowered and renewed.

Aura Healing

£100 (one hour session)


Aura Healing offers reparation to the structure of the aura. The Aura is the first line of protection opposing anything from our surroundings that could be harmful to us.

Unhealthy living, trauma, stress, drugs and alcohol can create holes in the aura allowing negative energy to seep in. This can result in an inability to set healthy boundaries and lead you to become overly affected by the energies of others.

Scanning and sealing the holes in your aura will help you to set healthier boundaries in your life and sustain your energy levels.

Negative Emotional Cord Cutting

£75 (half an hour session)

There are energetic cords which connect us to everyone in our lives - past and present.

Through these cords, energy can be “pulled”, which leaves you feeling tired, easily irritated and off-center.  The Emotional Cord Cutting disconnects negative emotional cords,

using an ancient Tibetan tool called a “Purbha”.

This session allows you to start living in the present moment, with more energy. You’ll feel less influenced by others and any past challenges you’ve experienced in your life.


It's an excellent session to do, if you feeling emotionally tired,

stuck in the past or need help dealing with relationship

difficulties of any kind.

Space Blessing

*Prices vary depending on the size of the space


Space Blessing is a great way to create a welcoming, warm and relaxing atmosphere

for your spa, office, restaurant or private home space.

Through the use of a specialized combination of Sacred Geometry, mantras and clearing herbs and rituals,

Space Blessing can assist in making a new space “yours” by reducing any interference

from previous owners.

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