The Goddess warrior Within

Women's circle London

Awaken and Nourish Feminine Within

“Discover Your Inner Goddess through Women’s Circle”

Take a moment from your day, disengage from your schedule and imagine. 


Imagine yourself on a beach by the sea. Waves gently caress the shoreline and the sun warms your skin. All you hear is the soft, calming sound of water lapping against the sand. 

The stillness of the sea and the stillness of the air reflects the presence of stillness that holds you. You are embraced by the warm, soothing stillness of the now. Your body relaxes in the soft, warm sand. This time is just for you. 


The worries of your to-do list and the ongoing bustle of the city can’t reach you here. 


You sink deeper into the loving embrace of mother earth. There is no tension… No stress… No anxiety… No goal to be achieved. No deadline to be met. No need to do anything other than be.

With open arms, a soft belly and a joyful heart you feel peacefully present and at one with yourself. With every cell in your body. With the space within you. 

This space is a place to reconnect with yourself - with your true essence. It is a place to restore your faith, your love, your energy and your light. It is your space, and you are free to access it at any time, from anywhere. 


Welcome to the space where you will find your bliss within… 

Women’s Circle is the perfect place to nourish and grow your divine feminine essence, and we welcome all women to this safe and sacred space. We practice meditation, dance, stillness, breath work, conscious touch, creative art, journaling and self-inquiry as a way to connect with our hearts, our wombs and our souls. This is a space where you can let go, grow, heal and cultivate your true self. This is a space where you can come together with other women and celebrate each other's uniqueness and beauty; a space where tears and laughter are met with love, acceptance and understanding. This is the space that your very essence is calling out to be in. Are you going to answer the call?

Womens Circle

“The very first time I sat in the Women's Circle I had just come out of a long-term relationship and I was raw, heartbroken and uncertain about my future.  Who was I, when I was not in a relationship? Was there always something missing? I did not know where he ended and I began. I felt an emptiness, and here I was, looking for something deeper to fill that void.


I did not know any of the women in the circle, but I felt like I belonged there. Somehow it felt like home. Entering this sisterhood on that day was to be the beginning of the most fulfilling journey of healing and self-love. I felt safe to just “be” as I was. Whatever I was feeling or needed to express was welcomed. These women believed in me, and through their belief, I restored my own self-belief. With my new-found sisters beside me, I reclaimed my power and, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I knew I would make my life bright

again and so I did.


Now I am honored to be facilitating  space for women who are ready to remember their true Beauty and Gifts.

I am filled with joy witnessing all women as they blossom, reconnecting and nourishing their Divine Feminine Essence Within" 



"Truly blissful!" I have been lucky enough to experience Kasia's blissful meditation sessions. Her calm voice and soothing tone take you right to that place where inner peace and healing happens. Thank you Kasia, for all your wonderful work with women and for empowering the divine feminine within us ❤️

-Fiona Roberts

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We welcome you, sister, to come as you are!

We are stronger when we are together. Claim your strength, sister. Be the woman you were born to be!

"A Woman in harmony with her spirit
is like a river flowing.
She goes where she will without pretense

and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself
and Only Herself"
Maya Angelou

Our Women Circle is a community of like minded women. We empower and support each other, we heal and grow together, we welcome loving softness of feminine to guide us to joyful and successful tomorrow.

Open Circle - Online


27th May 2020 (7pm-8:30pm)

8th June 2020 (7pm-8:30pm)

14th June 2020​ (12pm-13:30pm)

Price: £30    

Location - Online

Join us from the comfort of your own home 

*FREE tickets available if you cant afford to pay  

We would be honoured to welcome your unique beauty to this open circle so that you also can experience the magic of true sisterhood.


After attending an open circle you will be able to decide whether you would like to join our closed circle.


Our Women’s Circles are held in cycles. The Spring cycle begins with an open circle, which is then followed by 6 closed circles. These are held on Sunday evenings, normally at Light Center Monument.

Due to the current situation, we will be gathering Online 6 pm-7:45 pm,  


I will be hosting one circle each Saturday and one each Sunday.

✪ Saturday - I see You, I hear You, I love You! Rebirth of the Goddess  will  be held on the following dates: ​

  • 27th June 2020

  • 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th July 2020

  • 1st August 2020

The subjects we will cover during the circle:

  • Divine Feminine, Masculine and their roles in our life

  • Inner Judge / Inner Critic. Reconnect to your inner Guide

  • Letting go of what is no longer serving you.

  • Playing small vs our greatness 

  • Aliveness, passion & sensual energy - reconnecting with our body and breath 

  • Devotion and Commitment to Self 

  • Future me and Celebration of Life

✪ Sunday - Yoni -Sacred Temple Within - Reconnecting to your Life's Mission will be held on the following dates:

  • 21st & 28th June  2020

  • 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th July 2020 

The subjects we will cover during the circle:

  • Yoni - Sacred Temple Within.  Goddess Meditation

  • Journey to when it all began - Your conception, pregnancy time and birth 

  • Sacred Contracts with your Mum and Dad

  • Womb Honouring  - Tantric ritual

  • What is birthing through you?

  • Self-discovery and your Soul Mission

  • Becoming Living Prayer

If you would like to join, we ask that you attend at least 3 of the 6 evenings. That way we can get to know each other a bit better, build trust in each other, and grow and heal together.

"Be brave, sister. Reach out into the limitless source of love, joy, spiritual and material abundance. Create the life you deserve to live."


I am looking forward to seat beside you Sister 

Exchange for Closed Circle (6 evenings)

£75 (audits - must have attended full cycle/women’s circle before)

£150 (joining full cycle/women’s circle for the first time)