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Women Circle

With Your Sisters 




TRAINING with Tanmaya & Kasia

As women holding space is in our essence, we create sacred space for growth and healing, we hold and birth new life, our womb a container of light. Leading a Women's Circle is about remembering that, and what Goddesshood truly means. It is about holding a space that is both welcoming and warm, as well as boundaried and safe. 

While we women love to chat we rise in connection to ourselves first. So this training is about teaching you the skills of holding a space that invites other women to reconnect to self and allows the women joining to leave with a sense of empowerment, grace, love, and nourishment. 

The course consists of 5 modules in which you will receive basic principles of holding space in this way. Complementing these with in-person training on how to create sacred space through sacred geometry and how to shift vibration in your field is highly recommended but not mandatory. 

The mentoring program is designed to empower you to create your own community and circle space including how to get the message about your offering out and how to connect with other women in the mentorship program for practice sessions or community. 

After completing the course Tanmaya & Kasia will guide you 1:1 and support you as needed with specific questions as you progress with

your circle practices. 




Module 1: Your foundation and introductions

  • Connecting to the virtual circle

  • Meditation: receiving the circle vision

  • Setting intentions for your circle leadership

  • The 10 keys of a goddess

Module 2: The Container

  • Feminine leadership and the goddess frequency

  • The balance of the feminine and masculine

  • Setting, creating, and tending to sacred space

Module 3: Circle Practices

  • Receive your circle practice booklet

  • Co-creating your personal circle practice

Module 4: Flowing your creation into the world

  • How to talk about the circle

  • Practice sharing

  • Writing from the heart

  • Social media and the feminine flow - finding balance in expression




Creating Sacred Space: Sacred Geometry Level 1 - Activation

  • Activate the 3 sacred shapes of creation in your energy structure

  • Learn how to shift the vibration of spaces

  • How to create a light-filled altar space

  • How to create a high-vibrational temple in any room using sacred geometry

Empower Thyself - Initiation into deeper knowing

  • Get initiated into the ancient Egyptian Mystery School in the Lineage of King Solomon

  • Learn how to work with ancient rituals to create a positive field around you and rise to your goddess or higher self in your daily life

  • Learn how to create a space free of negative influence to accelerate your own healing and that of others

  • Receive the keys to connecting to your own inner guidance and wisdom in order to manifest from the highest vibration and in alignment with your true being





4 Online Training Modules (as above)



4 Online Training Modules (as above)

Life Activation Session (2 hours, worth 200£)

Sacred Geometry (4 hours, worth 100£)

Monthly follow-up chats 



4 Online Training Modules (as above)

Life Activation Session (2 hours, worth 200£)

Sacred Geometry (4 hours, worth 100£)

Empower Thyself (2 days, worth 1100£)

Monthly follow-up chats 


The training and mentorship program is by application, please send us an email to register your interest.  

Please answer the following questions in the email and we will get back to you to discuss start dates and any questions you may have. 

What package are you called to?

What calls you to leading circle? *

Please share what holding sacred space in circle means to you *

What would you like to receive from the training/mentorship program? *

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